Coping with Conflict Webinar

A free MMA webinar on March 28 will highlight strategies for effective conflict management.

Conflict among appointed and elected officials may create a negative environment, hinder communication and collaboration, and impact goals and objectives. Municipal officials have the ability, however, to approach conflict positively and elicit favorable outcomes.

This webinar will cover how to skillfully manage conflict, neutralize its negative effects, and maintain a positive and healthy work culture.

Representatives from AllOne Health will review best practices for managing conflict in the municipal workplace, and within volunteer committees, boards and councils, with a focus on effective communication and continued development of interpersonal skills.

AllOne Health Executive Director Michael Stuart has more than 30 years of experience working in behavioral health care in Massachusetts and serves as the account manager for MIIA, working closely with municipalities to provide impactful assistance services. Katie Gilfeather, an EAP professional and clinician, has worked in the behavioral health care field for 40 years, developing various EAP programs for towns and cities throughout Massachusetts and demonstrating expertise and proficiency in this area.

Registration is available online.

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