About Us

We want to create a platform to help struggling boxers and fighters find an easy way to earn some extra income using the skills they have developed over the years. We also want to give them the opportunity to raise funding for trainings, support, tournament fees and their purse. This way they are no longer limited by the boxing establishment. This is our way of giving back to these individuals who have given so much of themselves through their sports.

How it Works

The idea behind SparringX is really simple. If you are a fighter who wants to earn some extra income, we can help. If you are trainer looking for some sparring partners for your fighter, we can help. if you’re a fighter or a trainer and you’re looking for Sparring or a gym to train at, we can help locate a gym for you and a fighter in your weight class and style (conventional, southpaw ) . If you are a fighter, all you need to do is sign-up for FREE and fill out all relevant information so trainers and clubs can easily find you and make an on the spot decision if you are the right sparring partner for their fighter.

If you are a trainer or a club, you also need to sign-up to search our database of fighters, and registered members can also find you when they are looking for a trainer or a club to train in.

If you want to make a go as a fighter and need a base of supports, you can use crowd funding to help you make a go of it.